Charlie Mesner
Charlie Mesner
Portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson
Full Name Charles James Mesner
Class Human
Birthday January 23, 1960
Age 51
Height 6'1"
Build Tall, athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Greying Brown
Factions The Department
Occupation Pub Landlord/Retired Spec Ops

Claim to Fame

Charlie is the landlord and sometimes bartender at the Bass Cafe, a quiet pub off-the-beaten-path in central London… when he's not off fishing.


  • Born in America, in Minneapolis, Minnesota;
  • Raised in Roseville, Minnesota;
  • Did a stint in the USAF;
  • Transferred to Special Ops;
  • Assigned to a joint US-UK Spec. Ops. Taskforce in his late-30s, which necessitated a move to England;
  • Met and befriended a pair of 'eggheads' with The Department — Dr. Sean Watson and Dr. Alex Wainwright, as well as a local werewolf named Donovan Tate;
  • "Retired" a couple of years ago… not that anyone at The Department seems to have actually noticed;
  • Settled in London, having taken over ownership of a small, out-of-the-way pub that sees a steady stream of 'regulars' who tend to be the sort that likes the fact the Rook & Castle tends to fly under the popular radar.
  • Occasionally runs afoul of Vampiric Master of the City, Erik von Richter, thanks to his friendship with Sean Watson;

Character Details

Charlie's been there, done that, seen it all… several times over. While he's not actually a stupid man, he often likes to play it. He is however a simple man. He likes nothing more than a good, cold dark stout (he really doesn't understand the English fondness for warm beer), and a secluded dock suitable for fishing (whether or not there's any fish in the water). Failing that, the pub's a pretty good spot.

Officially, Charlie doesn't Do That Stuff any more. (Whatever That Stuff actually is — he doesn't say; if he did, he'd have to kill you.) And, in fact, he goes out of his way to try to Avoid Doing That Stuff. (And can be a right curmudgeon about it, as a result.) But, he inevitably and without fail always gets Pulled Back In. Usually because someone he actually likes is involved… or because they will be if he's not.

And that inevitably makes him grumpy.


Image Name Race Relationship Notes
at02.jpg Alexandra Wainwright Witch Friend Charlie met Alexandra early during his tenure at The Department. She was one of a couple of 'eggheads' assigned to his team. Over the past 10-odd years, however, she's become closer to him than just about any other woman ever has, save his ex-wife.
ms01.jpg Sean Watson Necromancer Friend Sean was the other 'egghead' assigned to Charlie's team when he first started at The Department. Now, they're best friends… with a relationship that's frighteningly like an old-married 'odd couple'.
cj01.jpg Donovan Tate Werewolf Friend Donovan's a man with a big hairy secret, one Charlie's kept quiet for over 10 years, now. They've bailed each other out of some tight spots and, in many ways, he's as much a part of Charlie's team as the two Department eggheads are. They're family.
rj01.jpg Frank Costello Psychic Colleague Truthfully? Frank annoys the piss outta Charlie half the time. He's manic and completely nuts… but it's a mostly benign nuts, so Charlie tolerates him. God only knows, though, how many missions Charlie and his team went on because the crazy psychic saw something that made the higher-ups twitchy. The man's a nice guy, and the bane of Charlie's existence all in one.
cs03.jpg Erik von Richter Vampire Nemesis There aren't many people in the world that Charlie utterly despises (though there are plenty he actively dislikes). Von Richter, however, is right near the top of the list — if he's not actually top of the list. (Some days, the jury's still out on that one.) Sure, the trouble with von Richter started because Sean's a Necromancer, but it really didn't take long for it to become personal. Far as Charlie's concerned, somebody really needs to put a stake through the bastard and call him done. But, the higher-ups fret that would only clear the way for someone worse to take over. So, for now, he persists.

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