Carys Kinsey
Carys Kinsey
Portrayed by Vanessa Marano
Full Name Carys Elysia Kinsey
Class Ghost Whisperer
Birthday May 17, 1991
Age 20
Height 5'6"
Build Slender
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Student/Clerk at Spellbound Books

Claim to Fame

The quiet, somewhat sullen part-time clerk and cashier at Spellbound Books who has no idea of her abilities or her potential.


  • Born to Caroline and Davis Kinsey of Chester in 1992.
  • Devised a slew of imaginary friends at an early age. She kept them longer than most children do, but eventually they disappeared when she started school and began to make real friends. Afterward she led a rather normal, mundane childhood.
  • At the age of 12 she began to talk to people who weren't there — these were ghosts of city though she did not know it. Her parents thought she was bringing back her imaginary friends for some unknown reason, and began to argue constantly about how best to handle the situation.
  • In the following year things were slowly reaching a breaking point. Ghosts kept attempting to contact her, asking for her help — to tell a loved one something important, to help them find their corpse. Eventually, she could no longer make the ghosts go away, and she became overwhelmed by the sheer number she would see. One night while out with her parents at a French restaurant, she slipped into a catatonic state just babbling about a man named Jack who wasn't there but who wouldn't leave her alone.
  • Her parents were forced to institutionalize her at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Bromley, London. This historic location did very little to snap her out of the catatonic state despite the superb care by medical professionals (due to the ghosts that resided within it). Shortly after her arrival, someone from the Alexander Foundation contacted her parents, offering to treat Carys in a different location, but they refused to move her after a discussion with her doctors. At 14 she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and once medicated began to stop the random babbling, returning to a somewhat more normal if not sullen state.
  • Carys was kept institutionalized until she was sixteen, when she could prove that she could handle herself in outside situations without returning to catatonia. Finally able to return to school, she worked hard in order to play educational catch-up, though despite her best efforts remained a year behind her peers. All the while she continued to see and hear the specters, she just learned to ignore the "hallucinations" and remind herself that they weren't real.
  • Currently, Carys is studying biochemistry and molecular biology at King's College while she works her way up to a post graduate study in Forensic Sciences.
  • Works part time at Spellbound Books as a clerk/cashier.

Character Details


At least, she's mentally and emotionally haunted by the "hallucinations" (ghosts) which never leave her be. This keeps her in a constant state of wariness, never sure if someone who appears to be corporeal is real or one of her imaginations. It makes her somewhat shy, sullen, and often meek. She's not necessarily afraid of people, she's just afraid that they may not actually be living and breathing, and thus is sometimes slow to respond when asked a question.

Beneath all of her fear though, she is a fairly strong woman when it's merited. She'll stand up for others and try to protect them from what only she can see. Carys is careful to keep her emotions in check so that she doesn't wind up institutionalized again. If she absolutely needs to have an emotional outburst, she'll run off somewhere private to do her crying or screaming to keep people from thinking she's crazy


Image Name Race Relation Notes
cm01.jpg Andrew Potter Human Acquaintance Andrew lives in the flat up above Spellbound books. He comes down to the shop from time to time, but she's still not sure whether he surpasses acquaintance.
dm01.jpg Glynis Davies Witch Boss Hired her despite her past at the institution, treats her fairly normally, and never minds it when she gets quiet. Sometimes looks to her for guidance.

Haunted Memories

Date: 08 Apr 2011 15:39

I'm losing my bleedin' marbles. I've gone from ignoring the imaginary man, to pointing him out to others, to watching a woman hold a conversation with him. I can't tell if the medication isn't working as well as it should be, or if my condition has just changed. I've called around to set up an appointment for further testing, but I'm not certain that it'll help at this point.

Because now he knows I can see him, and he keeps trying to talk to me. I know it's just a hallucination, and that it's been exacerbated thanks to the woman who came into the shop, and was telling me that he was real. I know he's not really there…

… and still when the shop is empty, I find myself starting to respond to him. I've caught myself at it twice. Miss Priss looks at me as though I'm mad, and I really probably am.

I just hope against hope that when I go back for the testing they don't decide to lock me up again. I've got my life at a good place now. I'm doing well in school, and Glynis is giving me more and more to do at the shop. I'd rather not lose myself in that catatonic state again.

Imaginary Images

12 Feb 2011 23:57
I'm tempted sometimes to attempt talking to him, but the fear of winding up back in that place is constantly there. Read full text ⇒

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