Brenna O'Connell
Brenna O'Connell
Portrayed by Candice Accola
Full Name Brenna Shaylee O'Connell
Class Fae-Blooded
Birthday August 9, 1987
Age 23
Height 5'7"
Build Lithe
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions N/A
Occupation Dancer

Claim to Fame

Attended the Royal Ballet School, and was part of the Royal Ballet from 2005-2006 until an injury prevented her from continuing.


  • Born and (for the most part) raised in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, the product of a Fae father and human mother. A year after Brenna was born, her mother married. Brenna was adopted when she was two, just a month before her half-brother Chaz was born.
  • Mother continually pushed for her to be interested in the arts, on the off chance that she had some "oddness" from her father. Brenna took to dance at a very early age, and pushed herself with classical ballet training.
  • At the age of 11 she was sent to live with an aunt and uncle in London so that she could attend the Lower Royal Ballet School at White Lodge, Richmond Park.
  • By 16 she was attending the Upper School in Covent Garden. Eventually she received a placement with the Royal Ballet as an Artist-level dancer in the company. During rehearsal for a production of Carmen when she was 19, she tore the ligament in her knee to such a degree that arthroscopic surgery was needed. Though she spent 8 weeks recovering, and 4 weeks after that with daily physical therapy, she could never dance the same as she could previously.
  • Her career with the Royal Ballet sadly ended, she took up a job as a part-time instructor at a nearby dance studio teaching basic ballet techniques to young children. She also works three nights a week as a waitress at an upscale "Gentleman's" club, putting aside the extra money she makes there to eventually purchase her own studio.

Character Details

Brenna is very outgoing, and while she prefers the company of one or two close friends it doesn't stop her from being friendly or bubbly with everyone she meets; it's just her nature. Extremely patient with most things in life, she has a knack for being easy-going and letting things slide until the time is appropriate. That is the one thing that ballet has taught her above all else, after all. Timing is everything. Due to this, it's very difficult to get her to the point where she becomes outwardly angry or offended, and as such it's a rare occasion that she has a malicious word for anyone. It is her belief that actions speak louder than words anyhow, and so she spends a lot of time studying the body language of those around her.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
co01.jpg Chaz O'Connell Human Half-Brother <Notes>


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April 5, 2011: Brenna finds Tiago sleeping on the curb outside of her workplace.
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