Alexandra Wainwright
Alexandra Wainwright
Portrayed by Amanda Tapping
Full Name Alexandra Elizabeth Wainwright
Class Witch
Birthday August 28, 1973
Age 37
Height 5'10"
Build Trim & athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions The Department
Occupation Physician/Medical Researcher/University Lecturer (King's College)

Claim to Fame

One of the top biomedical researchers in the UK and a widely-in-demand lecturer on teratogenesis, and human and near-human biogenetic development and diversity.


  • Born in Rochford, Essex, the daughter of a Witch;
  • Parents owned a book & antique shop;
  • Magical education began early;
  • Developed a strong and broad base of mid-level spells, with a handful or so of powerful high-level spells;
  • Educated at Oxford — degrees in medicine and biomedical engineering, including studies in biogenetics, biochemistry, and biophysics, specializing in teratology, and the human genome; additional studies in cryptozoology, and xenobiology;
  • Recruited into The Department out of university — spent much time studying genome variants found in supernatural races, with the hope of developing defences against the most troublesome of them; Didn't openly sabotage work, but was careful to keep results within defensive bounds, rather than offensive — not that others weren't able to weaponize some of her discoveries later;
  • Became friends with Charlie Mesner and Sean Watson, the latter with whom she tends to swap literary memorabilia and the occasional spell, component, or artefact;
  • Maintains a 'cover identity' as a physician/researcher at St. Thomas' Hospital and a lecturer at King's College/U. of London.
  • Occasionally runs afoul of Vampiric Master of the City, Erik von Richter, thanks to her friendship with Sean Watson;

Character Details

The fact Dr. Alexandra Wainwright prefers to go by the name Alex, rather than Alexandra, speaks to her unpretentious nature. A brilliant, creative individual, she is at once passionate and focussed — though she has been known to go off on a tangent when a particularly fascinating side-project or unexpected idea seizes her imagination. Indeed, she can be something of a workaholic.

Paradoxically, she is simultaneously a generous team-player and yet still highly competitive. Nevertheless, her sensible, practical nature generally keeps her on an even-keel. She is not typically given to extremes of emotion — though it has been known to happen, however rarely, in the wake of extreme circumstances.

Usually, she is good-natured and kind, as willing to lend a sympathetic ear as a healing hand.


Image Name Race Relationship Notes
rda01.jpg Charlie Mesner Human Friend/Team Mate Charlie's an American ex-pat who's worked with Alex for a good ten years, now. The two are very much like an old married couple, though they technically each keep their own lodgings. However, there are personal belongings of each scattered all through the other's place… which probably says a whole lot more about their relationship than all the silent looks that pass between them in the world.
ms01.jpg Sean Watson Necromancer Friend/Team Mate Alex and Sean started at the Department at the same time. They were both on Charlie's team and, together, the three have seen more supernatural crap than anyone should really have a right to have seen. Through thick and thin, they've always got each other's backs.
cj01.jpg Donovan Tate Werewolf Friend Donovan is currently the Pack Alpha for the local London Werewolf pack. Alex has known him for almost as long as she's known Charlie. Though he's never officially been a part of the Department, to some degree, he might as well have been. He's been in just as many scrapes as the rest of them — usually with the rest of them. He's like a brother.
jewel-staite-2008-supanova-mq-01.jpg Emily Bennett Shifter Friend/Colleague Alex met Em when the girl was first entering university. By that time, Alex was working on her advanced degrees and acting as a TA to help smooth the process. Emily was in one of her tutorials. The pair became friendly; Alex thought Emily was bright and insightful. Later, once Emily had graduated, a soft word in the right ear sent a Department recruiter to find her. So, now she works as a technician and research assistant in Alex's lab, while working on her own advanced degrees. Emily's about as close to a protégé as Alex is ever likely to get.
rj01.jpg Frank Costello Psychic Friend/Colleague Frank works at the Department as an Actuary. He's a little off-his-rocker, thanks to his skills as a seer. It's amazing, though, how often his visions come true — or are narrowly averted thanks to the work Alex and the rest of her team do.
cs02.jpg Erik von Richter Vampire Adversary Von Richter is the vampiric Master of the City, and someone Alex and her team — particularly thanks to Sean — have butted heads with on numerous occasions. As a result, she's not nearly so foolish as to be gulled by his urbane, cultured veneer of civilization. He's a monster to the core — and the main reason she's spent so much of her spare time boning up on fire spells and other means of defence against Vampires.

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