by Carys Kinsey
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I'm losing my bleedin' marbles. I've gone from ignoring the imaginary man, to pointing him out to others, to watching a woman hold a conversation with him. I can't tell if the medication isn't working as well as it should be, or if my condition has just changed. I've called around to set up an appointment for further testing, but I'm not certain that it'll help at this point.

Because now he knows I can see him, and he keeps trying to talk to me. I know it's just a hallucination, and that it's been exacerbated thanks to the woman who came into the shop, and was telling me that he was real. I know he's not really there…

… and still when the shop is empty, I find myself starting to respond to him. I've caught myself at it twice. Miss Priss looks at me as though I'm mad, and I really probably am.

I just hope against hope that when I go back for the testing they don't decide to lock me up again. I've got my life at a good place now. I'm doing well in school, and Glynis is giving me more and more to do at the shop. I'd rather not lose myself in that catatonic state again.


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