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05 Feb 2011 06:39  |  by The TP Team
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A strange, pseudo-mythological creature whose sole purpose for existence is to act as bait for authors, storytellers, and roleplayers everywhere.

It's an odd term, plotfish is. And more than once, I've heard a confused onlooker wonder just what the hell it means. I can't tell you where I found it — Hell, I might've just made it up one day. (But, really, I don't think it's my creation… I'm almost positive someone else said it first.) But, I have found it an incredibly useful and uniquely awesome term.

I mean, think about it: Plotfish. Say the word aloud. "Plotfish!"

It just sounds fun — like an onomatopoeia that took a weird left turn somewhere near the Secret Garden, and ended up at the bottom of Mother Goose's basket.

We on the TP team swear by plotfish. (We do. Honest. As in: "Frak! It's another plotfish!") We toss 'em about like confetti, when we can. We hide 'em like Easter eggs, tucked snugly in behind a casual scene or under an errant pose. They're all over the place, if you really look.

Of course, you have to be careful. Sometimes red-herrings will disguise themselves as plotfish. But, unlike their deceptive cousins, plotfish always deliver on their promises — even when they, in turn, disguise themselves as red-herrings. (Gotta watch out for those slippery fish!)

Are you getting the picture, yet?

Plotfish. We has 'em. You wants 'em. Trust me on this one.

PS: For those that are wondering just what the hell I've been drinking tonight, it's an award-winning 2004 Vidal. Thanks for asking. :)


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