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21 Feb 2011 22:32  |  by Sean Watson
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Back from Egypt, and what a trip that was. There's nothing like ancient things being nudged out of their dreamless sleep. Something is coming, and the ripples of the movements are striking the stones in the lake that are the supernaturals. The stones aren't happy not knowing what is causing the disturbance, and for the first time in, I can say, recorded history, they're beginning to look to others for answers. Not necessarily politely, but these are essentially inhuman creatures to which I'm referring.

The vampires, for the first time in some time, have fewer numbers than some of the others, and they're … disquieted to the point of reaching out for meetings with some of the others. Apparently, it's overflowed into Europe, because the moment I came back to what I'd hoped would be sanity, I was told that von Richter had done the same thing as his colleagues in North Africa. (Are they on the same party line?)

In different news, I had the most remarkable news broken to me. After years.. and years… a dear friend is finally engaged. What she sees in him is still beyond me, after all this time, but I'm happy for them. Really, I am.

Met a rather pleasant librarian at the library while doing research with Alex. Saw her again at Charlie's place. We seem to have hit it off rather well. Time will tell, however. Thanks to my particular.. skills, the only constant thing is the dead talking. And sometimes they just won't shut up.


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