Announcement: Game Status Update -- March 2011

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Posted By: ElectricMayhemElectricMayhem
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It's now been three months since the game was first conceived. As expected, this past month has been slow, from a development point of view — though logs and blogs have continued to do well. (That makes me happy.) Plotting also continues apace, though only the barest hints are currently ICly visible, I know. Suffice it to say, however, that Something is stirring out in the dark.

In OOC news, the Great Move of Spring 2011 is now in full swing. As a result, I'll be scarce between now and the end of the month, while I try to get everything done. (I'm hoping to have Sunday evenings free, if nothing else.) Every weekend in April will be devoted to physically moving stuff between locations, and the weekdays are devoted to getting stuff ready to move between locations. Consequently, as I mentioned in last month's status update, game development here will continue to stand still for a time. (So, I'm sure I'm not the only one anxious for May.)

I expect the server move to happen sometime over Easter Weekend, though that may change. Expect to see another announcement here once details have been finalized, to update you on what downtime can be expected as a result.


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