Announcement: Game Status Update -- January 2011

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A great big welcome to all our visitors (both new and old… though particularly new). Seems there's a quiet buzz starting about the game and this site, which — I just gotta say — is freakin' amazing.

Thus, I just wanted to give y'all something of a heads-up about what's going on here, and what we're hoping to see happen in the coming days.

I'm seeing a lot of people getting stoked about creating characters here, and thus beginning to ask a lot of questions — What sort of skills to Psychics have? Do vampires have a specific heirarchy? Can I multi-class? (The short answers: Lots; Yes; No.) Eventually, of course, most of those questions will be answered here on the website. For the moment, however, they're obviously having to be answered in person (usually via email or IM1).

I just want to let y'all know that I'm entirely happy to answer all your questions. But the most important questions I want to answer are these:

Q: When will the game actually be open?

A: As soon as we're finished building it.

That's not meant to be a vague push-off. It's the truth. Here's the sequence of events for you:

  1. First, I have to finish the website.
    A lot of games build their grid and code systems first. We're doing it in reverse. By the time we're ready to open, this site will effectively be a small source book for the game, not at all dissimilar to a tabletop gaming sourcebook — but without the price tag. So, while we do expect to be continually updating and tweaking it, once the game is open, we still need all the basics in place first. Once the site is done, then we code our systems and build our grid to match it.

    This is going to take us several more weeks to complete. Between day jobs and other RL responsibilities and expectations, we can only get so much done at one time. However, we promise to keep updating things here regularly, so you can see where things are at.

  2. Then, we have to finish the grid.
    As I just said, we want to tailor the grid to the information on the website, so that when we tell you just what CG looks like, it's the truth. There's nothing more frustrating than finding a huge disjoint between what it says on the website and what it says on the game. We're trying to avoid that.

    For those that wonder, as much as possible, we want this website to be the go-to place for information on the game. So, we need to get them both right.

  3. Finally, we need to transfer important information from the website to the on-game newfiles.
    Everything needs to line up. Sure, there'll likely be some mistakes along the way, but those'll all get ironed out in time. (And, besides… that's what beta-testing is for.) _

Which brings us to…

Q: Can I be a beta-tester?

A: Potentially.

Players will be admitted into beta-testing by invitation only. This is simply because beta-testers will, in fact, be testers. Sure, they'll get to start playing and start amassing an in-game background and reputation for themselves, but they'll also have to deal with all the wonky code quirks that our system testing didn't catch and we want to make sure that they're the sort of people that are able to put up with the occasional bout of frustration that will inevitably bring… and, more importantly, that they're people willing to come to us with ideas for possible solutions as much as complaints about what doesn't work. So, it's not a free meal, by any stretch.

If you really want to be one of our beta testers, however, email us and let us know. We're happy to hear from you.

Q: What can I do to help in the meantime?

A: Three things:

  1. Be patient while we pull things together.
  2. Chat with us2 periodically to let us know you're still interested (and thus help us keep our motivation high).
  3. Tell your friends to check out what's here and let us know they're interested, too, so that we know we're not just doing all this work for our own sake.

Do all that and we'll be ready to go before you know it.

Finally, the last thing I want to do is draw your attention to a new feature I've just added to the site: Our new LondonMUX Pingbox over on the sidebar, provided by Yahoo Messenger. With it, you can chat directly with me, whenever I'm on, and I'll be happy to help you out.

I hope to put the next update out by the end of February. Until then…



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