Turning Points

by Aidan Boyle
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IC Date: April 1, 2011 — Night
This episode takes place immediately following the log Breaking the Ice

“Nicely played.” The sound of Aidan’s voice tugs Kim’s attention, causing her to look back over her shoulder at the Vampire as she locks the front entrance to Flare. He leans against the hostess podium, and Kim envies the way that the man makes even that sort of comfortable lazy slouch look so graceful and attractive.

Her smile is the slight upturn of lips, and a quirk of brow that Kim’s learned from mimicking him. “I’m sorry?”

Aidan’s sonorous chuckle shakes his shoulders. “You’re not nearly as good at deflecting as I am, Kimmy.” He gives a small tilt to his dark head, “That was very … clever with Jacintha. I give you kudos for that one.” Aidan underscores his words by bringing his hands together in light applause.

“I wish I knew what you were talking about,” Kim bats large brown eyes in his direction, continuing to milk her innocence for all that she can. She knows what Aidan is talking about, and for whatever reason, she couldn’t resist keeping him out of the loop on tonight’s meeting. Partly because she likes giving him challenges that unseat him and shake up his game (even if it’s only a little while) and partially because for reasons that Kim can’t comprehend, Jacintha Westlake crawls under the man’s skin in all the wrong ways and she can never predict how he’s going to react after an encounter with the woman. Giving him time to prep for meeting her and settling into his moody stalker mode didn’t seem the wisest idea.

Having met the woman, Kim has even been at more of a loss to figure out what Aidan’s attraction is. Jacintha is nothing like the usual socialites and debutantes that Aidan fills his idle hours with him. Nor is she the whimsical, flighty and flirty sort who’s currency is her body and is easily swayed by a rakish smile and empty words of nothingness; the type that Aidan seeks simply for the taste of blood and to warm his bed. Even the red head witch with her temper and bravado isn’t so out of character for Aidan; she’s the particular cute sort of arm candy that Aidan would love to have as a pet and plaything, and Kim knows that part of the man’s interest in that direction lies in the fact that the red head is a witch and in wanting to break her like one would an untrained pony.

The Westlake woman is … collected. Mature. Kim might go so far as stating that the woman is elegant and refined. She’s professional and clearly doesn’t hold with any nonsense or the sorts of flashy antics that Aidan usually employs to lure in women.

Jacintha Westlake is work and Aidan Boyle doesn’t work for companionship.

“Whatever the case,” Aidan drawls the words slowly, “I owe you one.”

Kim’s not sure how to take that. Her mocking flippancy slips as she warily eyes the Vampire whose body language and facial features are giving nothing away. “With all the hell you put me through sometimes cleaning up your messes, why don’t we just call it even?”

“You don’t even want to know how it went?” The man is still withholding, offering nothing to hint at his true feelings toward the meeting with Jacintha. Once, Kim might have been fooled, but no more. He’s not in a bad mood, or even radiating that sort of dangerous tension that makes Kim’s hairs stand on end (and scares her and excites her in the same moment). Kim might even go so far as to say that Aidan is satisfied. Satiated. Like the cat that got the cream. Or the canary.

“I assume you finalized the contract and all is in order, because you’re not upset or disappointed by the loss of business.” Kim steps up to the podium and rests an elbow there. She eyes the Vampire again, reading him as best she can. It’s not just that the contract has been signed, but there’s something more in the depths of those eyes, in the contented smile on his lips.

“What did you do?” The accusation slips out before Kim can stop it. Seems that she’s been asking him that question a lot lately.

Aidan sniggers and rolls his shoulders. “Absolutely nothing. We signed the contract. We had a drink. We talked. She left.” His grin lifts a bit, pleased. “I think it was a good meeting.”

Kim wrinkles her nose into a frown. “Huh.” Beat. “Really?”

“Really,” Aidan drawls. “I wouldn’t go so far as to say that she’s warming up to me, but I do think that there might be a few, very faint, hairline fractures in the ice.”

“You didn’t mess with her head?”

Aidan leans toward Kim, his smile dripping with self-satisfaction. “I didn’t have to. Apparently, even she is not immune to my irresistible charm. Resistant, yes, but not immune.” Aidan straightens then, “I want to send her another gift.”

“For having a drink with you?”

“Why else?” Aidan replies. “Send a bottle of wine. Make it the Pinot we were serving tonight. And a fruit and cheese basket.”

“And an invitation to enjoy it with you?” Kim asks deadpan.

To her surprise the man meets her words with a smirk. “Not yet.” Then, “After the wine is delivered, give her a follow up call in a few days to make arrangements for a menu sampling. Be very flexible with the dates and times, leave it up to her if she wants to come during the day or in the evening.”

“If this wasn’t a business thing, I’d almost say that you’re angling and leaving the ball in her court.” As soon as the words are out, it hits Kim then like a ton of bricks. She snaps her jaw audibly closed before she starts gaping like a fish. Just when I thought he couldn’t possibly surprise me. “Cor! Aidan! Are you really going to try and …” Kim trails off. The thought seems so far out of the realm of what she’s come to expect from the Vampire that she has to work to bring herself to say it. “You’re going to woo her?”

“Oh don’t make it sound so dastardly and unexpected. I have done it before.” Aidan shrugs and starts walking away, leaving Kim no choice but to follow if she wants to continue the discussion. “It’s been decades, maybe a century since I have, but it’s not a foreign concept to me. I am capable.”

“Why? I mean, why bother?” Kim catches up to him quickly, falling into step beside him. She glances up at him, scrutinizing him as though she’s seeing him for the first time. Well, I’m certainly seeing this side of him for the first time. “Why not just make her like you and be done with it already?”

“Because I don’t want to, yet.” Aidan hits the light panel on their way through, dimming the dining room lights to their nighttime setting. “Not that I’ve taken that option completely off the menu. But there’s nothing wrong with changing things up a bit every now and again.”

“I don’t understand you at all,” Kim shakes her head. “You never want to exert this much effort. Why the change?”

The Vampire stills briefly, before turning to look back at her. Then gives a half-bored and dismissive shrug. “I don’t always like it easy, Kim. I’m not saying that easy isn’t fun in its own right. I do like having a lovely young woman on my arm and in my bed and as an easy meal,” Aidan waggles his eyebrows suggestively, earning an eye roll from Kim, “But it has been a while since I’ve had a real challenge of doing it the mundane way.”

“And what about your little witch?”

Aidan frowns. “If she’s still alive and I don’t have to tie up those loose ends, I still have plans for her.”

Translation: Aidan has not abandoned the idea of having a little red-haired witch as his plaything.

“You want to have your cake and eat it too.”

Aidan smiles, and it’s definitely the cat that’s got the canary. “For now.”


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