Just So Typical

by Aidan Boyle
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IC Date: March 22, 2011 — Night
This episode takes place immediately following the log Mind Games

“Come with me.” Kim snags Aidan’s arm at the elbow as he tries to sidle past her in the kitchen. The insufferable Vampire has been dodging her for well over an hour and she’s not going to let him escape again. She grips tight, digging her nails into the flesh at the bend of his arm, pulling him non-too-gently along behind her. He could resist, if he wanted, but the expected resistance isn’t forthcoming and Kim exhales in relief.

His cooperation doesn’t lend toward Kim giving him any leeway. Aidan’s mercurial at the best of times and Kim won’t give him any excuse to wait for her guard to drop so that he slip out of her grip like an eel. She tightens her hold as they walk along, half-dragging and half-leading the Vampire to the nearest unoccupied space which happens to be the employee break room.

Kim kicks the door closed behind them after shoving Aidan into the room. Arms folded across her chest, she positions herself between the Vampire and the door. It won’t really matter if Aidan should decide that he wants to move her, but Kim likes the illusion of control.

“What the hell was that about?”

Aidan’s brows rise clear to his hairline, those blue eyes widening with surprise and deceptive innocence. “What was what about?”

Right, then. So that’s how he wants to play it. Kim tilts her head. Her foot taps a steady, slow rhythm on the floor. “The red head. Ameila? Whom happens to know that you’re a Vampire.” Kim waits a beat for that to sink in, because yes, she’s not devoid of the pertinent information. She took Desmond aside the moment the werewolf bar tender had a few free moments and grilled him up one side and down the other. “As well whom fled here as quickly as she could without running.”

“Oh, that.” Aidan drawls the final word with that charming/infuriating upturned smirk of his. A step backwards is taken and he hops up and slides onto the break room table directly behind him. Shoving out a leg, Aidan edges a chair closer and rests his feet in it. “That was Corrie Owens. Amelia was just a fake name. She’s a witch.” The emphasis on the word witch carries all sorts of dirty innuendo and the Vampire’s peculiar brand of twisted depravity. “They are delicious. The blood is …” Aidan trails off licking his lips, flashing a hint of fang. “Indescribable.

Kim’s brain derails for a moment. Not because of what he says, but because of all the implications behind it. She’s (mostly) immune to Aidan’s shenanigans, but every now and again he completely side-swipes her. “Fuck, Aidan, tell me that you didn’t!” Feed on her in the restuarant isn’t said aloud, but it’s written in the stiff line of Kim’s back, the way she marches up to the smirking vampire, her words hissed in anger rather than shouted out.

“Ouch! Kim!” The vampire theatrically clutches his heart beneath his hands. “Do you really think I lack that much self-control? I’m hurt.”

“Yes, because your feelings are hurt so easily.” Kim rolls her eyes upward.

She’s pressed against the edge of the table, her body caged between Aidan’s legs before Kim can fully register the Vampire reaching for her and tugging her toward him. He drapes his arms over her shoulders and around her neck, and she’s close enough to see the various shades of blue and silver streaking in his eyes. “They could be.”

He’s distracting, but not nearly enough. Especially not to Kim who’s been fielding this behavior for more than ten years. She places her hands on his chest, pushing back enough to give her some breathing room and focus; to not look like she might be intimate with the boss should someone walk in, because it’s bad enough that the rumor seems to start anew every few months, and Aidan finds it so entertaining that he never goes out of his way to discourage it.

“Aidan. What did you do to her?”

The Vampire’s entire body seems to sigh in resignation. He pulls a face. “Not nearly enough.” A worried furrow worms its way into the space above his nose, between his brows. His eyes darken and his mouth creases into a constricted line. “She broke my glamour. I don’t like that.”

There’s a low, frustrated groan. As she dips her head and closes her eyes, fingers pressed to her forehead, Kim realizes that it was she who groaned. “There’s a witch. Who knows that you’re a vampire. Who’s brassed off with you. Honestly, Aidan. What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that I wanted to shag her and feed on her. Then maybe shag her again. The rest was a bit of an unexpected upset to my plans.”

“Why would you even consider farming from our clientele?”

“You think …” Aidan stops mid-sentence. It’s the soft chuckle that causes Kim to raise her head to glare at him.

“You think this is funny?”

“No, not at all.” Aidan shrugs, though the curling smile on his lips says otherwise. “Corrie wasn’t a patron. Well, she was, but we’d met before. We have history. I met her when I was on my to the Undercity. I probably would have eaten her then, but Watson was playing white knight, and I really wanted to find out what he was sniffing about for.”

It takes a few moments, possibly up to a full minute for Kim to make sense of what Aidan is telling her. She’s gotten bits and pieces about his adventure in the Undercity with a Dr. Sean Watson since the night he showed up at her flat battered, and chased off her ‘date.’ “D’you think she came here looking for you?”

“No, that was just a lucky coincidence. Or unlucky. Depending on how you look at it.”

“Is she going to be a problem?”

The question shifts the handsome Vampire into a somber mood. He straightens on his perch, his body stilling completely. Kim sees his gaze turn inward and distracted, focused on the question and his internal thoughts and feelings. He’s not human now, that’s easy to see, but it doesn’t bother Kim in the least.

Finally, he purses his lips, thoughtfully. “I don’t know. I told her that I’d keep her secret if she kept mine, but that was before she broke the glamour. I think … that she’s scared enough to keep quiet.”

“If she isn’t?” Kim asks.

“Then I’m going to hunt her down and kill her.” The words are delivered with the confident matter-of factness that one would use for discussing the weather. Aidan jumps off the table and returns the chair to its rightful spot. “That would be a shame though, she is really cute.”

Kim snorts, “She’s breathing and has breasts. You really don’t have much more in the way of prerequisites, Aidan.”

Those crystalline blue eyes lock on her, twinkling with mirth. Aidan’s smile is smugly satisfied as he fixes her with a mischievous look, “You might be surprised.”


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