Andrew Potter
Andrew Potter
Portrayed by Colin Morgan
Full Name Andrew Damien Potter
Class Human
Birthday December 20, 1985
Age 25
Height 5'10"
Build Tall, and slim
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Paranormal Investigator/Debunker

Claim to Fame

The face of a popular "Ghost Hunting" program on the Unexplained Channel.


  • Born and grew up in Amesbury.
  • Due to proximity to Stonehenge, he became fascinated by it and its supposed link to Arthurian legends, druidic rituals, and neopaganism, and would often spend days out there trying to get more of a sense of the place.
  • Also grew up developing a love for the Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Became obsessed with Doyle's work with spiritualism in his later years, trying to determine if the man truly believed in the veracity of things he experienced. Through this he learned about Harry Houdini and his work with the opposite side of the coin — debunking the con-artists.
  • Taught himself about EMF detection, IR Themometers, night vision technology and set out to debunk a few local "ghost" stories in the area. These would be recorded and posted to a blog, which would later gain in popularity and exposure thanks to the development of YouTube.
  • Became the face of "Ghost Hunting" on the the Unexplained Channel two years ago, leading teams of both spiritualists and avid debunkers to supposed haunted areas for the program.

Character Details

  • Has an obsession with the possibility that there actually is something in "the beyond", but at the same time has a need to unearth the frauds, the phony stories, and the trickery that can generally be accompanied by so-called spiritualists.
  • A fairly good-natured individual, always willing to crack a joke to ease tensions — though sometimes puts his foot right in it by doing so.
  • Enjoys the research, and a good ghost story.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
vm01.jpg Carys Kinsey Psychic Acquaintance Works in the shop below the flat. Runs into her from time to time. Thinks she's a bit quiet and strange but has no issues with her.
dm01.jpg Glynis Davies Witch Landlady Owns the shop below the flat that he rents, also rents the flat to him. Runs into her from time to time down in the shop, has a decent relationship with her.


  • Feel free to change the name, add the skills and weaknesses, or add to the background
  • Please try to keep the race and actor
  • If any further questions arise about the character, please contact Carys on the game via page or @mail

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Every Sunday Morning
May 15, 2011: Andrew Potter has a familiar argument with a weekly acquaintance.
(log: 20110515-1 | tags: andrew-adopt bayswater-rd ghost | posted: 15 May 2011 15:45)

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